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We process around one million lambs annually

And we do this all from our state-of-the-art Tier 2 Export Certified processing facility in Gundagai.

Our world-leading technology and automation includes the complete automation of our lamb carcase chiller and sortation system. This innovation has led to significant productivity gains; a better product for our clients with improved yield and eating quality; and reduced microbial load and therefore increased shelf-life for customers by eliminating operator ‘touch points.’

Red meat processing is big business
Innovation is key to GMP's business philosophy

We are often among the first to trial new technologies that become available.

We are among the first to trial DEXA - a feedback system for farmers to improve Australia’s lamb industry and global competitiveness. Short for Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, DEXA x-rays the animal to provide data on lean meat, fat and bone percentages. A farmer can then use this data to make better on-farm decisions, increasing their profitability.


Our business model is built around partnering with clients who share similar values and hold the same long-term commercial view as we do.

We focus on securing long-term strategic supplier partnerships where we know we can deliver real value. These close relationships also allow us to share knowledge and grow our understanding of our client’s emerging requirements. This means we can swiftly make changes to our operations to deliver services that match their changing needs. This may include a shift in consumer preferences that requires GMP to accommodate a new product line.

For more than 35 years, we have processed beef and/or lamb on a weekly basis for Coles Supermarkets. In 2000, this long-standing relationship became exclusive, with GMP becoming an Alliance Processor for the national supermarket chain based on our strategic location, competitive costing and unparalleled quality.

From Gundagai to the world


We are committed to operating efficiently and sustainably for our community, employees, industry and customers. We follow best practice standards to ensure animal welfare is to the highest standard and take all necessary steps and measures required to protect the environment including waste management, erosion and sediment control, recycling and the protection of flora and fauna.

Environmental Compliance

GMP holds an Environmental Protection Licence (No. 3770) issued by the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) pursuant to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act).

Work Health & Safety

We are committed to providing the highest possible standards in Work Health and Safety (WHS) to all employees, contractors, visitors and the broader community, ensuring all employees return home safely each day.

GMP’s whole of lamb approach

We take a ‘whole of lamb’ approach to processing, recognising that minimising waste is a key component of the ethical consumption and sustainable production of our meat.

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