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GMP Sponsorship Selection Criteria

1. Procedure and Monitoring

When considering new sponsorship or donation opportunities, GMP will seek to:

  • Support community activities;
  • Improve social wellbeing of disadvantaged groups;
  • Obtain recognition / engagement from target audiences (sponsorship only);
  • Support GMP staff in volunteering; and
  • Promote GMP as a sustainable, safe, ethical, responsible and innovative organisation.

Each request will be carefully assessed to determine if it meets GMP’s sponsorship, marketing and community objectives.

Consequently, we are unable to proceed with requests for support that do not fit within these objectives.  In addition, budgetary constraints limit the number of opportunities that we can undertake.

All sponsorship applications will be evaluated according to the criteria set out below and must be submitted on the form provided.

4. Exceptions

Organisations / activities that will not be considered for sponsorship include those that:

  • May be construed as discriminatory.
  • Could be detrimental to public health or safety.
  • Promote or encourage smoking or substance abuse.
  • Individuals seeking support for overseas travel or academic study.
  • Religious or political organisations or campaigns.
  • Programs that may present a hazard to the community or the environment.
  • Programs that contribute to the financial gain of an individual or business.
  • Activities which are the direct responsibility of the Government.
  • Non-specific fundraising projects or appeals.
  • Conferences, except when there is an explicit business link with GMP.
  • An organisation with which sponsorship involvement could be misinterpreted as a bribe or kickback (for example, to influence a bidding or tender process).

GMP does not make political donations or sponsor political organisations or candidates. Any departure from this aspect of the policy requires Board approval.

2. Sponsorship Criteria

GMP will only agree to sponsorship opportunities that:

  • Are consistent with our vision, reputation and objectives;
  • Address our target audiences;
  • Help achieve our objective to increase awareness of GMP; and
  • Add value to our business activities.

Preference will be given to organisations that;

  • Are credible, with a proven track record in managing community initiatives;
  • Can provide satisfactory information on their management and financial status; and
  • Allow adequate time for applications to be assessed.
3. Donation Criteria

GMP will assess all requests for donations based on the following criteria:

  • Donations will only be provided to registered charities that can produce a receipt for tax purposes to the value of goods supplied.
  • Individual donation requests will require a submission detailing the merits of the organisation and to what purpose donation of goods will be used.
5. Application Form

All requests for sponsorship and / or donations must be made in the prescribed form, being the GMP Sponsorship and Donation Application Form.  This form and the accompanying guidelines will be made available on the GMP website and via our main office.

6. Timing and Approvals

Completed application forms will be assessed by GMP once every two months and the outcomes communicated with the applicants at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

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